Let’s Talk About How You Can Accomplish More

Eliminate Distractions

I think the easiest way to accomplish more, is to start by eliminating distractions. This could be your cell phone, social media, and/or people. Notifications on your cell phone are extremely tempting, and with the “phantom vibration” phenomenon, it only adds to that temptation. Focus on the bigger picture. Your goals are something you want to accomplish for a reason. Only hard work without distractions can get you there.

Block out dedicated time

Blocking out a section of the day where you strictly work on projects is important. Turn on some mood setting music, pour so nice tea and find a comfortable place to work. Just make sure when you’re in your niche, that nothing interrupts it. Focus on what’s in front of you, not what’s around you. I accomplish so much more when I block out a regular period of time to write, read, or research. It’s refreshing and I look forward to it with great excitement.

Set direct goals

Having a goal may seem like a lot, but when it’s broken down into smaller, much more manageable goals, it becomes much easier to achieve. Have a plan. If your goal is to write a book, start with 1,000 words a day. (That’s 36,500 words a year). If you can write more, do so. If you can’t write that many, write less. Just make sure you stick to achieving some kind of goal related to the bigger picture. It’s easier to take small steps up a grand staircase, then it is to scale the side with a rope.

Find an ideal support system

One of the things that’s most important, is to find others who encourage your goals. You can achieve more, when others encourage and support you. The feeling of someone journeying with you to the end result is a lot better than traveling the road alone. I know it isn’t always possible to have a great support system, but only one person is truly needed for this principle to help you.

Understand that all good things take time

Nothing happens overnight, all good things take time. Famous authors, actors, etc weren’t successful in a day. They struggled and they were rejected. Keep your eyes on the horizon. All the stressful nights of no sleep, hard work, and painfully trying to pull something out of your brain will pay off eventually. Just never give up. View any kind of rejection or disapproval as a learning experience to get better. People are honest, and sometimes that honesty hurts. But you’d rather someone let you early that your works terrible, then when it’s too late.

Keep rejection as the fuel to your fire. It will burn much hotter, and the train will eventually move quicker.


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