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It’s been almost seven years since I started writing FORSAKEN, originally titled “Out of Curiosity”. The novel over time has taken many structural changes as well as re-writes. Early drafts and plot ideas began in summer of 2014 and have evolved ever since. In late spring of 2020 after many drafts, I made the painstaking decision to re-write a larger portion of the book in order to introduce more characters as well as streamline the plot. As of August, act I and II are nearly finished and act III is fully plotted out. I work tirelessly to edit daily as well as write new chapters. The current work sits at 70,000 words and I plan to budge 90,000 by journey’s end.

FORSAKEN follows multiple character POV’s with the main character being Abbott Bradbury, a boy in his late teens who lives in a small fictitious village in England called Woolbury. There, Abbott is a caretaker to his father, Edmund, who has come ill under unusual circumstances. Meanwhile, a sacred tradition begins as guests from all over flock to find fame and fortune in these picturesque landscapes, the Woolbury Waxy Caps. But not all is as it seems. The Hunt, as it is known to locals, has a mysterious origin that few known and fewer speak of. It isn’t until Abbott stumbles across an unlikely friendship that his world is turned upside down. But there’s just one snag. His father is dying and there are those who need Abbott’s life in order to brew a plot long since buried. Can Abbott save his father and avoid certain death? Be sure to read FORSAKEN in the winter of 2020 to find out.

An approximate outline of the world of Englionia

This thread will continue to be updated with information as it grows.

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