The Letter Exchange: letter one

The Letter Exchange • • A new series of letters between Sophia & John Collins, two lovers separated by the evils of the Second World War. • • Once weekly on my blog, teacupwriter, I will post a letter detailing their lives apart while keeping the love alive. • • First letter will be posted Friday, September 20th and every Friday from that point forward. • • Sincerely, An old soul


God Rescue Me From My Thoughts

Grey skies circulate around me Raindrops waltz over my forehead Fog blankets my landscape And winds from the north rustle the branches of the evergreen trees that I call home   The changing of the seasons has come Hues of green fade to autumn Leaves fall to decompose while the thunderstorms rage   I Witness … Continue reading God Rescue Me From My Thoughts

Amazon Original Series Review: Catastrophe

Reading Length: 5 minutes Synopsis Catastrophe stars Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan as Rob and Sharon, two people from different cultures. Rob is an American businessman whereas Sharon is an Irish primary teacher living in London. Rob comes to London on a business trip and bumps into Sharon on a late night. They quickly start … Continue reading Amazon Original Series Review: Catastrophe

Can a Long Distance Relationship Really Work?

What society says about it  A long distance relationship, statistically, shouldn't work. Many people will agree with that statistic enough to be skeptically when a relationship, as such, enters their lives. They're scared, can't commit the effort, or don't believe in that person enough to take the chance. Now don't get me wrong, a long … Continue reading Can a Long Distance Relationship Really Work?