Café Day Dream

As the clock inched closer to five, my stomach filled with bubbles. Off to see you I was. A long and tiring day at the office makes me what to take refuge in your arms. 

When I arrived to your dwelling, I found myself rescued, as your arms squeezed around me like vines on a tree. A kiss on the cheek erased the stress and I was accompanied by a four-lettered word which made me feel happiness once more. A power in which you hold over me. Almost like a monopoly over my happiness, who knew you were such a wall street woman? 

Anyways, those statements proceed me. We stopped in a moment to sit in silence. You rolled over and we conversed about our future and contemplated what road you should travel. Unfortunately I was at a loss of instruction. What if I am to give bad council? I have not figured out my own path, let alone that of the bigger picture. 

I write only to keep back the creative fires that burn within. Whether I am to keep this as a hobby or turn this into a stable career is an unfathomable thought. 

Coincidentally, I have this reoccurring dream in my head that ponders me. It goes like this; together we sit in a café in Italy. I’ve just finished my newest book and you’ve accepted a job offer regarding natural medical practices. We have a beautiful daughter who is munching on a pastry. When her mouth clears, she asks “what it is like to live in America?” We both exchange a smile. We are much older and haven’t been in quite a long time. You wink your eye and I know that we are still as much in love as we were before. 

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