Glass and Salt

As we drove to the salt-flooded waters of glass, I wondered something of depth. We’re all only as strong as the fragile things that hold us together. An inadequate coffee is the difference between a good day or a bad one. A simple hello makes the world spin on it’s axis. 

Today, of all days, I experienced this. A simple gesture of gratuity was all it took to make my day. She told me the words and my heart was satisfied. Although the air was harsh and often filled with the very glass on which we stood, with you near me, each breath grew effortlessly.

The sound of her laughter filled the air as children ran by in pursuit of one another. This was a place for families and memories. For dogs to play fetch and parents to complain about the lack of their child’s ability to listen. 

All these things I eagerly awaited. Finally, experiencing the most rewarding part of this simplicity, the plunge of the sun into the ocean. 

The sky was filled with a child’s dream, cotton candy. And with an arm around my better half, we stood and watched as the day came to a pleasant close. Remembering that life is too fragile without the things that hold us together. 


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