Maple Leaf

As we glided through the wind stricken seas, our target came nearer. The maple leaf we were headed, for a relaxing weekend amongst kinder folk. 

The vessel that we voyaged on was stuffed from stern to bow. So crowded that it resembled the lines of a soup kitchen. The sea is an interesting concept. 

As much as it allows you the safe passage to cross over it, it can easily as much deny that request. My fear of water stems as a younger boy when water tried to invade my lungs. On several occasions this happened. Being on water always gives me fear. Perhaps it was some type of warning of what was to come. Perhaps I’m over thinking it. A skill that I know all too well.

The leaf was foreign to us. This was the first trip of what I expect to be many. Although such time doesn’t allow for it. 

The wind began to pick up as we entered port. The chatter of nerves and excitement quickly would drown that out. As a hand clasped that of my own, it was our turn to depart. Where we were head? We didn’t know yet. So many lavish and extraordinary options but one seemed to rise over all others, food. 

We found ourselves in the wooden seats of The Sticky Wicket Pub. Where we chowed down the simple yet tasteful food and washed it down with fine dark ale. This was but only the beginning of our Maple Leaf Adventure and so far we were both quite pleased.  



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