Oh Mountain

As we ascended the ridge line, the peak of the mountain came nearer, just within our grasp. We crossed three flat stones that laid over a quaint stream. A foreshadow of what was to come before us. 

Frozen lake; a lake covered by a sheet of solid ice. The blues echoed off the ice when the sun broke through the clouds effortlessly. Never have I seen such an image in the flesh. Transfixed, I wondered why such perfect creations had been hidden from me for so long.

The wildlife that dwelled here found their courage as they emerged from their homes and greeted us with curiosity and ambition. A silver fox, a mountain mouse, and a mountain-munk. They were rather playful in their own nature. Something one might not expect in this cruel world. 

Now, as it were, the surrounding mountains were just as imperative to this view as was the attraction itself. They huddled around their mother like new born pups. 

I believe that the true crime when visiting a mountain of title, is to not recognize the landscape that supports it. Each flower, tree, and stone is placed in such a way that it gives beauty to it’s mother. A relationship like so can only exist in nature. It is the purest form of bliss that one can view. I know that I was truly at peace with the sight of it. 


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