What’s it Like Being a Twin?

Life as a twin is one of the coolest things. You’re born with a natural best friend and you get to grow up and experience life together. I’m so thankful to be a twin. Life was much easier in many ways for me, and although I’ve never really thought about the advantages and disadvantages until now, I’m still very grateful.

My story

I am the oldest of a set of fraternal twins, born on March 28th. I am five minutes older than my brother, who will tell you that doesn’t count.

We both were born with drastically different features. On the outside, we have different hair color, eye color, and skin tones. On the inside, we’re two completely different people with polar opposite minds.

Just a side note, being twins at birth, doesn’t mean that they’re similar in everything. Twins are just as different as siblings born years apart.

Naturally, we had different interests and hobbies. These differences have carried on into our adult lives, as we both have pursued completely different career paths. I’m a white-collar worker and he is a blue-collar worker.

I think the hardest thing for many people to understand about twins is their differences. Growing up, my brother and I were looked at as the same from many people, and that was always aggravating to the both of us. Although we share this unique bond, we are still two individual people.

Afraid to be different

Twins are compared to each other all throughout their life.

We wore the same outfits, had the same haircuts, and maybe that’s just out of practicality for our parents sake, but it was damaging to live up to the comparison.

Always having a friend



4 responses to “What’s it Like Being a Twin?”

  1. My siblings are twins and it was so much fun to watch them grow and interact with each other. I think it’s one of the fascinating phenomena of the world and I was always a little bit jealous of them because of the bond they shared; it was if they were a family within a family.

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    1. That’s a really good way of putting it, a family within a family!


  2. Interesting. It’s something that–I have no idea why–I’ve always wondered about.


    1. I’ve never given it too much thought until now.


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