Amazon Original Series Review: Catastrophe

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Catastrophe stars Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan as Rob and Sharon, two people from different cultures. Rob is an American businessman whereas Sharon is an Irish primary teacher living in London.

Rob comes to London on a business trip and bumps into Sharon on a late night. They quickly start to acquire a liking for each other, and decide to mess around for a couple days, no strings attached. But quickly, strings do become attached as Sharon realizes she’s pregnant.

Catastrophe follows Rob and Sharon maneuvering parenthood together while they clash culturally, and face problems from each other’s past.

Catastrophe runs 4 seasons with Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan as writers and actors starring.

My thoughts

After watching all four seasons of Catastrophe, I would say that this show is brilliant! And it’s brilliant on so many levels. The humor is always present. The dynamic between Rob and Sharon is exciting. They bounce jokes and humor off of each other in a way that’s interesting to watch. Many times I had to pause the show just to laugh. The humor is a mix of American and British, which for those who are not accustomed to, can take some getting used to.


The character of Rob is one I admired greatly. He, at times, doesn’t know what to do with his life. He struggles with being a father, and a good husband in the twenty-first century whilst battling an alcohol addiction. I think that Rob’s character is a great representation of many twenty-first century men. His level of humanity made the character much more relatable to watch.


Sharon is down right hilarious. Her Irish accent and Irish heritage make her easy to like. She’s pretty bad ass. She’s the coolest teacher you wish you’d had growing up, and has a carefree mindset that constantly gets her into tight situations.

The Core of Catastrophe 

Even though I did not write this show, Catastrophe really thrives on its honesty, and I believe that’s what the show was really written to show.

The picture television shows paint these days is always a perfect one. Everyone lives in beautiful homes, drives awesome cars, and never seems to have to work. Seriously, no one in TV ever goes to work. Are they even normal people? The answer is no, they are not normal people.

However, Catastrophe is the complete opposite. It does feature people who have money struggles, don’t drive awesome cars, and live a pretty normal life.

Catastrophe’s success is built off the idea that these people are very accurate representations of the real world.

They’re faced with scenarios that we all encounter in our day-to-day lives. They hit rock bottom, fight and argue, and mess up constantly.

It’s easy to sit back and watch an episode play out, and think “yeah, I’ve been there before” or “I can relate to that”.

Seasons 1-4

I’ve seen more often than not, that the longer a show runs, the more watered down it becomes. After a couple seasons, people leave and faces change but in Catastrophe that’s not the case.

The show starts on a high note, and indeed ends that way too.

Although I would enjoy more seasons, I believe it was a great decision to end at season 4.

You probably should call it quits before it totally starts to suck.

Overall, I would greatly recommend watching this show. If you’re looking for something that will make you laugh and something you can actually relate to, Catastrophe is that show.

Let me know how you enjoyed the show.



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