Books, Books, Books: Secrets & Tricks to building your shelves and saving money

Paperbacks, Hardcovers, eBooks, and more!

Bookworm, bibliophile, nerd; these are the nicknames you go by for your love of reading and ultimately, the hoarded collection that sits proudly on your bookshelves. Do you find yourself smelling the pages in between reading? Wait! That might just be me. 

Books are timeless, they never expire and their ideas never die. They’re always relevant to the person who gives them a chance and they have everlasting impacts on us after the tears we shed or the smiles we surrender, all in the name of black and white printed pages. Reading has always been a hobby of mine. Since the AR reading club in primary school, to the midnight releases of our favorite wizarding series, I’ve always longed for a good book, but sometimes it can be a rather expensive habit. 


The Store We All Love

I love Barnes & Noble, no seriously, their stores are a dreamers paradise. From the atmosphere to their cafe, Barnes & Noble adds an experience to your reading that will drive you into the stores time and time again. They have book clubs, membership options, book releases parties, and events of all sorts. Personally, I’ve spent the better part of a year working out of these stores when writing my first book. I don’t know why, but when I stepped into that setting, words flowed from the deepest parts of my writer’s brain and unto my word document. Barnes has a particularly high place in my mind as it was the place where I decided I wanted to be a writer. 

Although Barnes & Noble prices are, in my own opinion, very high, they do offer online ordering which I have found to be much more affordable. If you visit their website, you’ll find prices that are sometimes, $5-$10 cheaper than the store price. So, if you’re not in a hurry to read your book, I’d recommend ordering it online and using my next option to hold you over until you get your printed copy. 


eBooks with Libby for your local library

Libby delivers ebooks and audiobooks right to your phone or Kinde device straight from your local library. Read from your bedroom, read while on vacation, read while flying into space. With Libby, I’ve found that when I’m in desperate need of a book, I usually can check it out or place a hold for it to be available relatively soon.

Libby offers a “try before you buy” approach. I, like some people, like to read the first couple chapters of a book before I buy them to add to my collection and using Libby, has made it very easy.  

If you’d like to take Libby for a spin, click here and take it for a test run, you won’t regret it!



Online, Fast, and Affordable

One place that I’ve saved tons of money when buying books, is Thriftbooks. I cannot stress to you how amazing they are. They have something called “readingrewards” which gives you points for every book you purchase and depending on the tier, i.e. reader, at 500 points you get a free book (a $5 value). They always have promotional events where you can earn more points like on birthdays or holidays. Plus, if you download the app now, you get 100 bonus points when you place your first order! I love the app and considering most of their books are already under $5.00, you cannot beat that anywhere else. 

The books do come in a variety of conditions, printing editions, and covers. Depending on what’s in stock, you can purchase new, lightly used, library bindings, and signed copies too! In my experience, even the lowest qualities are still fairly decent. Plus, if there are any major defects, they will let you know beforehand. 

If you’re looking to try Thriftbooks out, click here and receive 15% off your first order! 

Exceptions to Saving Money

If an indie author or a self-published author ever releases a book, these are the exception where I don’t mind paying full price. I understand that every bit of the process is difficult and doing it on your own, only adds to the pile. If I can ever support the cause, I definitely choose to! 

Thank you for reading & stay safe!



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