“Paris Letters” by Janice MacLeod Book Review

“Paris Letters” by Janice MacLeod was a delightfully quick read. Having finished the book in four-ish days, I can admit I’ve traipsed through the streets of Paris now (or so Janice has been to Paris and I’ve lived vicariously through her experiences).

The Paris Letters at its core is about freedom, love, and self-discovering. It’s really one giant self-reflection, which struck a nerve within my own life. I found myself relating to the fast day to day work life that suffocated Janice. Although I’m no copywriter, I would have to say my job can be just as strenuous and unnerving. The itch for “going out on your own” as they say, has always been a ship waiting to set sail. Seeing first hand how Janice put her plans into motion is inspiring. 

The story spends a lot of time detailing an epic back and forth love story between Janice and Christophe who can barely communicate with each other. There’s a massive language barrier that exists, but somehow they make it work with unusual methods. Thinking outside the box with hand gestures, pictures, and “Franglish” as she has coined.

I find myself enjoying the watercolored letters to Áine the most. The Parisian imagery and attention to detail they possess was baffling. Having closed the book, there was one letter that I’ll remember for years to come. It can be found in chapter nineteen entitled “How Would You Like Your Eggs?” There’s a moment where Janice meets an elder woman in a cemetery and comes to aid her. I won’t spoil the scene because it’s profoundly pure but I will reveal that it depicts what honest love is. It was heart-touching… Thank you Janice.

But enough of that. Would I recommend reading “Paris Letters” by Janice MacLeod? Absolutely. Coming off the cusp of George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy, “A Game of Thrones” I needed something lighter and much more relatable. Janice MacLeod gave that to me along with moments of pure inspiration. Maybe there will come a day in my life when I, too, can chronicle a magnificent tale as she’s done so beautifully.




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