The Impassionate Diary of a Window Watcher: Part 3

Bound to the rule of another, higher in their own eyes than Our Creator. They mistake me. They think:

We cannot act…

We cannot be okay…

We are not free…

Nature flees from this unknown assualt with a new horizon ahead and the lonley bird flys as far east as it can ready to be hunted down like a trophy by the wolves and the vultures. I can smell the air entering my lungs– I want to understand it for what it is and not what it’s not. When did all of our choices start impacting nothing? If all we’re meant to do is follow along, what’s the point?

But the dark understands nothing.

Happiness is a sailing ship wading through the roughage in the harbor. It’s to be boarded next Sunday afternoon. Where will we lower our anchor next? The ocean’s current brings all things to one epicenter.

There’s new seas to be explored, new creatures to discover, and your heart to recover.

Where to next?asks the Captain.

You reply. “My heart’s desire.”


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